C. L. R. James′s Caribbean

C. L. R. James′s Caribbean
C. L. R. James′s Caribbean

Drawing upon James's observations of his own life as revealed to interviewers and close friends, this volume provides an examination of James's childhood and early years as colonial literatteur and his massive contribution to West Indian political-cultural understanding. Moving beyond previous biographical interpretations, the contributors here take up the problem of reading James's texts in light of poststructuralist criticism, the implications of his texts for Marxist discourse, and for problems of Caribbean development.

Submitted by red jack on December 27, 2020

Preface vii

Part I. Portraits and Self-Portraits

1. C. L. R. James: A Portrait / Stuart Hall 3

2. C. L. R. James on the Caribbean: Three Letters / C. L. R. James 17

3. C. L. R. James: West Indian / George Lamming interviewed by Paul Buhle 28

Part II. The Early Trinidadian Years

4. The Audacity of It All: C. L. R. James's Trinidadian Background / Selwyn Cudjoe 39

5. The Making of a Literary Life / C. L. R. James interviewed by Paul Buhle 56

Part III. Textual Explorations

6. Beyond the Categories of the Master Conception: The Counterdoctrine of the Jamesian Poiesis / Sylvia Wynter 63

7. Cricket and National Culture in the Writings of C. L. R. James / Neil Lazarus 92

8. Caliban as Deconstructionist: C. L. R. James and Post-Colonial Discourse / Paget Henry and Paul Buhle 111

Part IV. Praxis

9. C. L. R. James and the Caribbean Economic Tradition / Paget Henry 145

10. C. L. R. James and Trinidadian Nationalism / Walton Look Lai 174

11. The Question of the Canon: C. L. R. James and Modern Politics / Kent Worcester 210

12. C. L. R. James and the Antiguan Left / Paget Henry 225