International Council Correspondence Volume 3, Number 9-10

The Volume 3, Number 9-10 (October 1937) issue of International Council Correspondence.

Submitted by Qasim on March 19, 2016


-The war in the Far East

-One year "People's Front" in France

-The old Hegelian dialectic and the new materialistic science

-The non-intervention comedy comes to an end in Spain

-Hitler's National "Socialism"

-Review: After the Revolution: economic reconstruction in Spain today by D.A. Santillan

-Review: The crisis and decline of capitalism by International Council Correspondence

-Review: Economic welfare by Oscar Newfang

-Review: An outline of finance by Arthur Woodburn

-Review: Social security by Abraham Epstein

-Review: Industrial unionism in the American labor movement by Theresa Wolfson and Abraham Weiss

-Review: The labor spy by Gordon Hopkins

-Review: John L. Lewis exposed by Eric Hass

-Review: The Soviets by Albert Rhys Williams

-Review: The letters of Lenin

-Review: The web of thought and action by H. Levy-Watts & Co.

-Review: Review: Earl Browder: Communist or tool of Wall Street by George Marlon

-Review: From Lenin to Stalin by Victor Serge

-Review: The Stalin school of falsification by Leon Trotsky

-Review: World revolution 1917-1936: the rise and fall of the Communist International by C.L.R. James

-Review: The national debt and government credit

-News notes on the CIO