China: Riots in Chongqing after death of a schoolboy

Chongqing province, China
Chongqing province, China

Rioting broke out in Chonqing after it was reported that the child's parents had been arrested.

Submitted by jef costello on July 4, 2007

The secondary school pupil died last Thursday after being stabbed by another pupil. 10000 people took to the streets to protest after it was reported that the parents had been arrested after having complained about delays in calling for an ambulance.

Clashes broke out and over the course of several hours police vehicles were burnt and some shops were attacked. A party spokesman confirmed that there had been rioting but he blamed a minority of troublemakers for the violence. He confirmed that there had been arrests but not how many. He also stated that the parents had not been arrested, but had rather been invited to discuss the events with the authorities.

Chongqing has recently been the site of several confrontations between police and workers
as reported previously on libcom.