College students bulletin for January 26th day of action to defend EMA

Bulletin put together by college students and supporters to build for the January 26th national day of action to defend EMA.

Submitted by Ed on January 23, 2011

On 26th January, college students around the country will walk out. The student movement which made such an impact in November and December will begin again. A number of students and supporters around the country have worked together to produce a bulletin, which can be printed out and distributed in order to build the walk-outs.

Students around the country are worrying about their future. For some, it’s if they can go to university, for others it’s whether they can stay at college next year – and for others still if they can turn the heating on this winter. Our families are affected by other cuts.

Why is this happening? Because the government cares more about the wealth of the rich than the lives of the majority.

That’s why students around the country will be walking out of college and protesting on Wednesday January 26th. Join in! Lots of laws like the poll tax get defeated after they are passed.

We’ve already made a massive impact. We need the protests to get bigger, and inspire others to get involved!

Organise your walk out!

It’s clear that students can’t rely on the NUS or the political parties. That means, we need to organise ourselves.

:arrow: On Wednesday 26th Jan, walk out of college and protest. Don’t let anyone keep you in one place or stop you protesting!
:arrow: Text everyone to join in
:arrow: You can go to other schools and colleges and chant for students to walk out too
:arrow: You can organise anti-cuts groups to prepare for the next one…
:arrow: Let us know how it goes! [email protected]
:arrow: Protest in London or Manchester on Saturday 29th if you can…