Cretan farmers land in Athens and clash with riot police, leading to wildcat general strike in Crete

Tractors lined in Cretan landing of Athens

The farmers action across the country has reached a new peak this week with the landing of hundreds of Cretan farmers in the Athens harbour of Peiraeus intending to drive their tractors to the Parliament.

Submitted by taxikipali on February 3, 2009

On Monday the 2nd of February farmer's action against the agricultural policy of the right-wing government reached a new climax when hundreds of Cretan farmers clad in local war costume landed their tractors in Peireaus with the intention to drive them to the Greek Parliament.

Strong riot-police forces engaged the farmers who defended themselves some even driving their tractors against the attacking officers. Holding their ground the farmers restated they aimed at a peaceful demo, and warned the government of risking to get the situation out of control by its belligerent response.

Alarmed at the police attack of their compatriots, civil servants across Crete walked out their offices while shops shut down in protest across the island. Farmers occupied the two offices of the Ministry of Economics, the Central Civil command of the Island and blockaded the Bank of Greece. At the same time taxi drivers refused to drive their cabs, and gas stations closed down across Crete. The wildcat general strike informally declared is expected to last until Thursday.