Carta aberta dos soldados

Declaração de alguns soldados gregos anônimos afirmando que eles se recusarão a reprimir manifestações de trabalhadores e estudantes.

EXARCHIA: Solidarity to squats and all spaces of struggle- ASSEMBLY Announcement

Solidarity to squats and all spaces of struggle in Athens

The state and capital always attack the freedom of the social base, steal its labor and resources. In recent years we have experienced one of the most violent attacks through the massive impoverishment of people who are already oppressed and exploited.
On the other hand, there has been widespread social resistance and solidarity. People have created a variety of self-organized spaces such as housing infrastructure, social medical centers, community kitchens, open parks and public spaces which are just some of the main examples.

Greek State Begins Evictions of Anarchist and Refugee Squats in Exarcheia

The first major repressive attack against Exarcheia by the far-right wing New Democracy Party began on the morning of August 26, as police arrested 143 people from four different anarchist and refugee squats.

Seizing the Means of Production: A Spotlight on Vio.Me

Occupation of Vio.Me factory

A video report about the occupied Vio.Me factory in Thessaloniki. By Unicorn Riot, 2019.

Erisian Mysteries: The art of squatting, resistance and solidarity in Exarcheia, Athens

An anthropological essay by Katelyn Squires on the anarchist activity in Exarcheia, Athens.


RUSSIAN REVOLUTION CONGRESS | Athens, Greece, 12-14 April 2019 | LAW SCHOOL OF A

It is a pleasure to invite you to
Russian Revolution: Theoretical approaches and open questions conference.
The conference is organized by a committee of academics and activists and will take place in Athens, Greece, 12-14 April 2019 | LAW SCHOOL OF ATHENS

Anarchism in Greek philosophy

D. FERRARO’s article appears in No. 1 of The Pluralist (Box 3015 G.P.O. Sydney, Australia) and is reprinted by kind permission of the author and editors.

Anarchy #045

Issue of Anarchy magazine published in November 1964, this issue is about Anarchism and Ancient Greece.

Welcome to Call Centre Athens

An personal account of working in a Greek call centre. From The Barbarian Review.

Tourism - The Barbarian Review


An article discussing the phenomenon of tourism, in Greece and elsewhere, from The Barbarian Review, no. 4.