International call for a week of solidarity with the Iranian anarchist refugee Abtin Parsa (12th-19th of July 2021)

A call for a week of solidarity with Abtin Parsa, an Iranian anarchist refugee in danger of extradition from the Dutch state, and brief statement from Abtin about his case.

Submitted by R Totale on July 12, 2021

The anarchist Abtin Parsa is a former political prisoner from Iran with the atheist view imprisoned by the Islamic regime for one year and a half in 2014. Abtin Parsa, 16 years old at that time, was arrested by IRGC for an anti-Islamic and anti-state public speech in his high school, “Shahid Chamran,” in the city of Zarqan. Even after his release from prison, Abtin was continued to be pressured and controlled by the Islamic regime, forcing him to escape to Greece in 2016.

Death threats from the Islamic regime accompanied Abtin Parsa with his arrival to Greece. He repeatedly received death threats from various organizations and individuals affiliated with the Iranian Islamic regime. In 2017, while the nationwide anti-state protests in Iran, Abtin Parsa showed his solidarity with the protests in a video message. A few days later, the Iranian regime manipulated and edited this video message and broadcasted it on national television to accuse the persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa of teaching protesters how to make explosives.

The persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa was granted a 3-years political asylum in Greece in 2017. In the same year, Abtin Parsa joined the resistance movement in Greece and began to struggle against the systematic oppression perpetrated by the Greek state against the working class, especially immigrants. During these struggles, Abtin Parsa was arrested and even tortured several times by the Greek state, including:

In July 2018, he was tortured by Greek police for his political activities against the Greek state, during which several parts of his body were severely damaged, and vertebrae in his back were broken.

In August 2019, he was arrested near his home by Greek police and charged with carrying a weapon while he had only a small paper cutter. Abtin refused to submit his fingerprint for a criminal record to the police to protest how the police treated him and other immigrants, and the court sentenced him to three months in prison and a fine of 180 euros. (suspended prison)

In November 2019, as the counter-terrorist police launched a large-scale operation to find clues to a revolutionary organization (revolutionary Self-defense), his house and a few other comrades were raided by the counter-terrorist police. During the counterinsurgency police operation, an anarchist and another person were imprisoned, and two other anarchists were arrested, both of whom are temporarily released. During the counterinsurgency police raid on the house of persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa, all his asylum documents, which were in the house and his other belongings, were confiscated by the counterinsurgency police.

In February 2020, the persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa was forced to leave Athens in a political decision to have more secret life in a different city to be away from police control due to the counterinsurgency police’s excessive control over his home, movements, and even personal connections.

In March 2020, persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa was arrested by counterinsurgency police for terrorism.

While the political asylum of persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa was nearing the end of its three-year term, various Greek newspapers quoted the Greek Ministry of Immigration as saying that the political asylum of persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa had been revoked due to his arrest on March 30, 2020.
After the Greek state revoked the political asylum of persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa, he fled Greece and applied for political asylum in the Netherlands.

In April 2021, Abtin Parsa was arrested by Dutch cops and charged with organizing an immigrant uprising against the Dutch state. (Here read about the anarchist community of immigrants in AZC echt: Due to the arrest of April 2021, persecuted anarchist Abtin Parsa could face 5 years of prison.

Today 8th of July, the Dutch state rejected the request of comrade Abtin Parsa about stopping his extradition to Greece and formally deciding to extradite him to Greece. Read the statement of comrade Abtin Parsa here:

As the local anarchist federation of Iran and Afghanistan, we call for a week of international solidarity with anarchist Abtin Parsa (12th-19th of July 2021).

Federation of Anarchism Era

Bourgeois justice wants to extradite me anyway - Abtin Parsa

Bourgeois justice wants to extradite me anyway.

Today, July 8, 2021, the Dutch state rejected my request to stop the extradition by sending an email and formally issued an extradition order. I intend to appeal the regime’s decision by making an appeal and take the case to the court, but it has become clear that bourgeois justice intends to extradite me to Greece anyway.

If I am extradited to Greece, it will not be the biggest problem to spend time in Greek prisons, but because, in addition to Greece, I have been accused of terrorism by the Iranian theocratic regime (2017 during the student uprising, accused of teaching protesters to how to make bomb, this accusation was broadcast on Iranian national television), there is also a risk of my extradition from Greece to Iran, which is the main problem. I was once tortured and imprisoned in the prisons of the theocratic regime of Iran in 2014-2015, this time the followers of Allah will surely kill me. European bourgeois justice wants this, too, because it gets rid of me.

Is there no solidarity? Is this how western comrades treat their comrades who comes from the Middle East? Does not the life of a non-white immigrant, queer and anarchist worth enough to give solidarity? Have we not fought next to each others against the common enemy in the streets of Europe for years? So why are the majority of western political movements silent on this case, the decision of which determines my fate, whether I am dead or alive? Why the LGBT movements in the west are silent? isn’t the life of a non-binary and queer worth enough for giving solidarity? Comrades, this silence will be recorded in the history of the left and anarchism struggles, and will undoubtedly be a historical shame on the foreheads of western political movements.

Abtin Parsa
8 July 2021