Fascist violence victim snatched from hospital by Greek police

somali family evacuated from house during a greek police pogrom in Athens

Seriously injured, an immigrant, victim of fascist violence was snatched by police from hospital, and held in parastate-controlled area of Agios Panteleimonas in a new parastate outrage.

Submitted by taxikipali on September 10, 2009

A victim of the continuous parastate operations of fascists and plainclothes policemen in the area of Agios Panteleimonas in Athens was snatched early this week from hospital by police forces violating doctors orders and basic rights to healthcare. The immigrant was attacked last Saturday by the usual 15-strong group of junta-nostalgic vigilantes, and had his chest pierced with an iron rod, receiving serious injuries throughout his body and head.

Instead of even ordering an investigation on the assassination attempt, the greek authorities moved to arrest an eye-witness of the incident and to abduct the unfortunate immigrant from hospital. Both are now held in the notorious police department of Agios Panteleimonas which a few years ago came under protester attack after systematic torture of underage Afghan boys in its basements. The police station is a free-way for neo-nazi scum , which according to human rights groups and lawyers who have pressed charges against the police authorities, are harboured there allowed to roam through files and intervene in procedures. Lawyers have claimed that the injured man is kept in medieval conditions of hygiene and is in risk for his life.

The organic cooperation of the police with fascist groups dating back to the nazi occupation has been subject to recent dizzying upgrading to the degree that the ex-chief of EYP, the Greek MI5, and the man responsible for the abduction of dozens of Pakistanis to secret interrogation camps four years ago, was appointed a leading candidate of the fascist Orthodox Alarm (LAOS) party. According to the estimations of many analysts, the intensification and arming of the fascist parastate and its open endorsement by the police are part of a state plan to create an extra-administrative force of repression and terror in the face of the rising social antagonistic movement.