One more Greek police inflicted death: Igoumenitsa Port Police victim dies

The Kurdish refugee from Iraq, Arivan Abdullah Osman, who had been severely injured on the 3rd of April at Igoumenitsa port by Port police men died today.

Submitted by clandestinenglish on July 27, 2009

The eyewitnesses had described “commandos in blue and military camouflage uniforms”who had arrested Arivan Abdullah Osman for remaining at the port area, and then banged his head on cement and inflicted him an internal hemorrhage.

He was transferred to local medical centers, and finally at the Thessaloniki Papanikolaou Hospital, where he underwent a surgical operation at his head.

According to the doctors he had no chance to recover and would either die, or remain into vegetative state.

The perpetrators of the crime have not been charged with anything yet. No judiciary research on the case has been ordered. The local port police head officer has promised an "administrative inquiry" (which is what authorities in Greece do when they want in effect to drop a case)... We can certainly rely on that for truth , since the pertinent Ministry's announcement reads that Abdullah suffered an epileptic seizure and injured himself by falling...

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