Protest march against police violence in Volos, central Greece, attacks police HQ.

Protest march against police violence two serious harassment incidents in the city of Volos attacks police HQ

Submitted by taxikipali on November 30, 2008

On Saturday 29/11/08 the people of Volos, a city in central Greece with a long labour struggle tradition, took to the streets to protest against escalating police violence.

Only last month a man lost his life when policemen opened fire on his car when he refused to stop, while early this month two locals from the village of Argalasti were stoped in a road block and brutally beaten for no apparent reason.

The protest march which walked the main streets in strict chain formation ended up in the police HQ of Volos and attacked the premises with rocks and red paint. As a result of riot-police action to hinder the attack one protester has been injured.