Dealing with accusations of benefit fraud guide

Never let them scare you into signing or admitting to anything
Never let them scare you into signing or admitting to anything

Some tips and advice for any claimants who are facing accusations of benefit fraud.

Submitted by Steven. on October 14, 2006

The Government spends hundreds of thousands of pounds talking about this but actually has little success prosecuting alleged fraudsters. It is important to remember that receiving benefits you are not entitled to does not automatically make you guilty.

Overpayments of benefits can be caused through official error and claimant error and may not actually be classifiable as fraudulent.

If you are accused of fraud by benefit agency staff don’t pay any attention to their attitude, much of which may be bluff, as in the case of bailiffs.

Remember, you are allowed to agree or disagree with statements they ask you to sign and there should be no coercion on their part what-so-ever.

If you are found guilty you should always appeal.

Bear in mind that benefit underclaiming is much more widespread than fraud so never, ever, let them make you feel guilty and admit to anything.

Written by the Walthamstow Anarchist Group



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Further info can be found on Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty's 'Links' page :