Dover: far-right anti-refugee protest - as it happened

Far-right anti-refugee protest in Dover
Far-right anti-refugee protest in Dover

Anti-fascists blocked streets to delay a far-right anti-refugee march in Dover which only took place because the police cleared its route.

Submitted by Anonymous on April 2, 2016

Key points:

  • Anti-fascists delayed far-right march by blocking streets
  • Police had to clear anti-fascist blockade to allow march to pass
  • Thirteen arrests were made, mainly of anti-fascists
  • A migrant solidarity aid convoy set off from Dover to Calais


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Anti-fascists march back to Market Square

Anti-fascists have marched back along the seafront to Market Square in the centre of Dover. The far-right protest appears to have finished after being escorted back to the the station.

Police are saying 12 people were arrested over the course of the day. This includes the 8 anti-fascists arrested at the blockade, the other 4 are likely to be people wanted after the protest at the end of January.


Policing "very effective"

The local MP turned up at the seafront earlier today and took to social media to express his disgust at anti-fascists trying to stop a fascist march in his constituency. He's since taken to social media to describe the policing operation as "very effective" because it didn't kick off.

Several newspapers who weren't there seem to think it kicked off.


Fascists taken past anti-fascist (again)

The far-right have been escorted past the anti-fascists blockade which is still surrounded by police on the seafront. Hopefully this means things are about to starting winding down. Dover are 1-0 up against the Shaymen.


Fascists back on the move

Having just expressed their take on the EU referendum the far-right are now back on the move. It doesn't look like we'll see a repeat of last time when 60 fascists broke away from their march and stormed into the town centre to hurl bricks at anti-fascists, because there are only 60 fascists on the march.


Boring fascist rally is boring

We've just had a few words from Kent National Front organiser Mark Freeman. Then a racist who doesn't like the EU and now Paul Pitt is chatting shit about the left. He's claiming the far-right were never in the town centre in January. Bit of a weird claim to make as there are photographs and video footage of neo-Nazis making Nazi salutes and throwing rocks in the centre of Dover.

They've just burnt an EU flag. This is so boring.


It kicks off in Dover

Dover Athletic vs Halifax Town kicks off. Probably more interesting than this...


Far-right rally taking place at eastern docks

The far-right rally is taking place at the eastern docks roundabout. This is where every far-right rally in Dover in recent years has taken place, apart from the first one which took place in the Castle Inn car park, and the EDL's protest which didn't seem to make it out of the pubs. Paul Pitt is addressing the media and presumably a load of racist speeches are about to start.

This was what the far-right saw as they went past anti-fascists:


Fascist march being escorted past anti-fascists

British anarchist Albert Meltzer once said there is no such thing as a fascist march, only a police march. He's being proven right once again as fascists are escorted past the anti-fascist counter-protest by police.

Had it not been for Kent Police's commitment to allowing far-right protests in Dover there is no way this protest could have taken place today. Anti-fascists are significantly outnumbering the far-right.

Watching on the livestream you can see there are numerous lines of police and a line of vans separating the far-right and anti-fascists. Heated chants are being exchanged by the two groups. There's no sign of any missiles being thrown which makes a change from previous protests in the town.


Eight anti-fascists arrested at blockade

Eight anti-fascists have been arrested at Marine Parade according to Kent Police. The arrests were for failing to comply with conditions put on the protest. The anti-fascist blockade appears to be surrounded by several lines of police and vans. It looks like the police are getting ready to bring the fascist march past. Things seem to have died down a bit from earlier.


Snatch squads being used

Police have been using snatch squads to arrest anti-fascists and are using vans to clear a route through the anti-fascist blockade for the fascist march to pass through. If the far-right march goes past it will be the third time the far-right have needed police assistance to march in Dover.


Anti-fascists delaying fascist march

The far-right march is being held by police while anti-fascists blockade the route close to the port. Police are bringing in reinforcements to clear the route according to anti-fascists on the ground.


Anti-fascists block route of fascist march

The local Tory MP is not happy:


Far-right march is tiny and slow

The far-right protest is well below previous protests in terms of numbers. This turnout is closer to the one in January 2015 than last September or January 2016. The combination of state repression and large scale combative anti-fascist mobilisations have clearly worn down numbers the far-right are capable of putting out.

Police are moving the march in a mobile kettle very slowly down Folkestone Road. They have just passed the petrol station where many of the clashes took place in January. Several police vans are following the march.


Far-right march starts

The far-right protest march has set off from Dover Priory station, led by South East Alliance (SEA) chairman Paul Pitt who has been organising the anti-refugee protests in the town. Marching alongside Pitt also wearing a "Fck ISIS" t-shirt is SEA supporter Keith Sutton.


Aid convoy en route to Calais

The aid convoy for Calais migrants organised by Kent Anti-Racism Network has set off from Market Square and is being escorted to the docks by anti-fascists. Vehicles have been decorated with messages of solidarity for the migrants who are hoping to enter the UK.


Russia Today livestream begins

Russia Today have begun a livestream of the protests. While this is an easy way of following what's happening, the police are using the livestream of the last protest to identify people they believe were involved in the disorder and arrests of anti-fascists have been made as a result of this footage.


London coaches are on the move

We've just heard the two London coaches which were being searched outside Dover are now on the move. One social media user who was present at the search has claimed helmets, banners and scarves have been confiscated by the police although this hasn't been confirmed by our sources.


Route of far-right march

The route of the far-right march is intended to be the same as in January. From the train station to the eastern docks and then back. Police look set to use barriers and horses to keep anti-fascists away.


Far-right numbers "pretty low"

Anti-fascist sources are telling us far-right numbers are "pretty low" with less than 100 gathering near Dover Priory station. The majority of the arrests from the 30 January protests so far have been of far-right activists, many of whom have been given bail conditions which prevent them from attending today. There are also rumours circulating that large numbers of fascists were picked up in dawn raids this morning although these are unconfirmed. We've seen several fascists saying they won't be attending.


Numbers building in Market Square

Numbers are building in Market Square where an aid convoy to migrants in Calais is set to depart. Searches of anti-fascists from London are continuing in the B&Q car park where the coaches are being held.


Face coverings being confiscated

Anti-fascists on social media are claiming police are confiscating face coverings from people on the coaches. The coaches are being held in a B&Q car park outside Dover and a Socialist Worker journalist who appears to be travelling on the coaches is tweeting from the scene.


Useful phone numbers

If you're participating in the anti-fascist mobilisation today it may be worth writing the following phone numbers down on a bit of paper:

Kelly's Solicitors: 01273 674898

Green & Black Cross hotline: 07946 541511


Anti-fascists gathering in Market Square

Anti-fascists who haven't been stopped by the police are currently gathering in Dover's Market Square for the Kent Anti-Racism Network protest. This is the main square in the town and is where the anti-fascist protest met last time.


London Anti-fascists coaches pulled over

We've just been informed two coaches organised by London Anti-fascists have been pulled over by the police and are being searched under section 60. If you're on one of the coaches make sure you know your rights.

From urban75:

In the event of an S60 order being issued on Mayday 2001, these are the important things to remember: The police have the power to search you for weapons (and dangerous instruments). They have no other powers under S60. They can only detain you "for as long as necessary to carry out a search".

They have no legal power to force you to give them your name and address. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES give it to them: it will be kept on file for SEVEN years. When asked, say "NO COMMENT".

They have no legal power to force you to have your photograph taken. Do not allow them to do this. This too will be kept on file for SEVEN years. Keep your head turned away, or put your hand in front of your face.

They have no legal power to ask you to remove any item of clothing in public view, OTHER THAN that which is concealing your identity. Any facial masking can be confiscated.

If you are asked to remove coats/jumpers etc, REFUSE OUTRIGHT. They have no legal power to search wallets, purses, inside small pockets etc. This is an S60 search, for weapons only. If they ask to search wallets, purses, inside small pockets etc, REFUSE OUTRIGHT.


Fascists gathering at Priory Hotel

Far-right activists are already started gathering at the Priory Hotel, opposite Dover Priory train station. This is the same pub they used as a meeting point last time. Landlord Eric Alton told the Dover Express after the 30 January protests: "They were no problem – they were a great bunch of lads. Nice and well-behaved."


Arrests begin, protesters en route

Reports are coming in that police have already begun arresting people wanted for their alleged involvement in the disorder at the protest on 30 January. So far it appears that one far-right protester has been picked up.

The coach organised by the South East Alliance seems to be en route from Thurrock services, their regular pick up point for such protests. We've also been informed the London Anti-fascists coaches are on their way.


Police look set to be in control

We've heard reports of a heavy police presence at the meeting point for the London2Calais coaches, people on the ground in Dover are also claiming the town is full of cops. A striking difference from the past few protest in Dover which resulted in violent clashes between anti-fascists and the far-right. It appears that police have put conditions on the protest and a section 60 and section 60AA are in place so people attending the protests will be stopped and searched and people will be asked to remove facemasks.


Welcome to's live blog of today's protests in Dover

Today anti-fascists are set to oppose the sixth far-right protest in the coastal town of Dover in the past two years, the fourth time anti-fascists have mobilised against them. The far-right have been holding protests in the town against immigration and as the migrant crisis has exacerbated the protests have grown and become increasingly violent. Anti-fascists are on there way to the town and we're going to be blogging through the day. Please get in touch with us either in the comments below or through twitter.


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It seems that there may be a protest/demo by the far-right in Dover next Saturday - 5th September.

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ACG write-up of the situation here: