BNP leader resigns amid assassinations claim

Earlier this year, Tony Lecomber, the BNP's second most senior member resigned following rumours that he had approached a Liverpool BNP member to get him to carry out assassinations.

Submitted by libcom on April 10, 2006

Lecomber contacted Joe Owens, and solicited him to carry out assassinations against members of the 'Establishment'. Joe Owens has now taken the time to publish his side of the story.

Setting the record straight.
Around two weeks before Christmas, I received a Christmas card from Tony Lecomber.
I found this rather strange as I have never received one from him any time before,
I thought nothing of it and put it down to simple courtesy and friendship. The message written on the card was a general season's greetings with a foot note that he would be visiting me sometime between Xmas and the New Year. I found this strange too, as I had not had any contact with Lecomber for at least 18 months. In reply to his card I e-mailed him my mobile number and land line phone number the following day.

Still confused as to why Lecomber would want to travel to Liverpool from London to see me over the festive period, I e-mailed him again and stated, "if it was a fishing expedition on behalf of Griffin he was not to bother.

He then replied, "it was nothing to do with the BNP or Griffin but a personal matter regarding him".

I then received a phone call from Lecomber several days later saying, weather permitting, he would be down as he was also visiting someone in east Yorkshire.
It wasn't till after the New Year, when I received another e-mail from Lecomber saying he would be visiting me on the 9th or 12th of January 2006.
He finally showed up on the 12th January, we met around 12.00 noon at the Showcase cinema on the East Lancs. road, Liverpool. Nearby there is a Pizza Hut to which we went, a place I regularly frequent. The Pizza Hut was quiet and we sat down and I ordered drinks while we looked at the menu. We then ordered food and waited for it to arrive, I then asked Tony Lecomber what was the purpose of his visit.
He said to me, "it was now too late to stop immigration" and quoted the recent statistics for London, saying "42% of births were from recent immigrant women and this statistic did not include the births from the home grown ones".
My reply was "tell me something I don't know".
To which he replied "what we need is direct action". I then asked him what he meant by "direct action", and he said "targeting members of the establishment who are aiding and abetting the coloured invasion of this country".

I then replied "what did targeting mean?"
He replied "killing them". I then asked how that was going to stop immigration?
He replied "it would deter other people filling their jobs".
I said this was rubbish as it never deterred establishment figures after murders committed by the IRA.
"Take Airey Neave for example". I then asked him which establishment figures he was referring to.
T o which he replied "the likes of Greg Dyke".

My alarm bells were now well and truly ringing as to what this man was up to. I then pressed him further on the issue on how these people were to be killed.
He said, "a lot of intelligence would have to be gathered on those he planned to target and cars with false number plates would have to be acquired.

I told him I wanted no part in his mad scheme and whoever embarked upon such a scheme wouldn't last any longer than the Brazilian lad shot by the police on the tube in London.
We finished our food and left the restaurant.
On leaving I told him I wanted no part in his mad scheme. To which he replied," if you change your mind give me a call".

After we parted company, I immediately rang Mark Collett and told him of the conversation I just had with Lecomber, he like I was deeply shocked. I also rang Stevie Cartwright from Glasgow and he said he would call Warren Bennett, head of BNP security and he would inform him about this serious breach of security.
Warren Bennett and maybe Scott McLean, then informed Nick Griffin of the situation. I then received a phone call from Nick Griffin and briefly outlined to Nick the conversation I had with Lecomber.
We decided to meet up on Saturday 14th January at the Chester services on the M56 motorway to discuss this serious turn of events.
I met Nick that day during the afternoon and told him word for word the conversation I had with Lecomber, to my amazement Nick informed me Lecomber was suffering from diabetes and that diabetics were prone to mood swings, this he said "could explain Lecomber's apparent leave of his senses".
After I had stopped laughing, I said, "well, it must have been a long mood swing as I got the xmas card two weeks before xmas and I had the conversation 12th January with Lecomber". To which Nick conceded I was right.
Nick and I spoke for some time and went over every possible scenario to explain his strange behaviour.We both then agreed the man was up to no good, in fact, Nick then said to me "this now explains why Searchlight has always known our exact membership numbers".

Nick then said" Lecomber will be confronted at the forth coming court case demo in Leeds". Lecomber did infact turn up at the Leeds demo with his wife and children, something he had never done before,bring his wife and kids with him.
I believe,as some other astute observers told me, he brought his family with him as he anticipated being lamped had he been on his own.
I was also in regular contact with Stevie Cartwright and he informed me, as Nick Griffin did, that Lecomber either resign or to fall on his own sword. I have retained the original text message from Griffin which said " Tony told to resign or fall on own sword, now let me get on with my court case".
Before I go any further, Nick Griffin or anyone else in the BNP has not refuted one word I have said concerning this episode. All they have done is release a statement saying Lecomber had approached a non member and said words that could be "misconstrued and bring the Party into disrepute".

How in the world I could misconstrue someone asking me to kill people is beyond me, I know exactly what Lecomber said and what he meant. As does he.

Several weeks had gone by and i was still led to believe that Lecomber was still working for the BNP. I e-mailed Griffin and asked him if this was the case? To which he replied, "Tony was now passing his job over to another senior member which would take some time". He also said " losing Tony a good stratagist,electioneer, activist etc, was a great loss to the BNP and now leave the poor man alone".

" Leave the poor man alone"? The same poor man who tried to solicit me to murder people. I found this response from Griffin very strange indeed. Instead of using the full weight of a BNP tribunal to bring Lecomber to book and kicking him out of the party, Griffin was more concerned about Lecomber's feelings.
To this day Lecomber is actively working for the BNP and being paid a salary to do so.

Sadie Graham may have taken over Lecomber's old job but that is just window dressing by Griffin.
Why was it John Tyndall was expelled immediately from the BNP just for critising Griffin, yet Lecomber who advocated murder can nonchalantly carry on his duties in the BNP on the excuse he is clearing his desk and passing over his job, what a load of bull!!!

I now challenge Lecomber and Griffin to refute one word I have written here, in fact I even made the offer to Griffin to pay for Lecomber to undergo a polygraph test if what I was saying wasn't true. To date I have not been taken up on my offer.
I could go on and on but that would be pointless, however, ask yourself this question.
Why has Lecomber been treated with kid gloves and the whole matter brushed under the carpet?
Also on a final note, why has Lecomber not received a visit from the police as I am sure they will be aware of his conspiracy to solicit murder?
Well, I'll tell you who has received a visit from the police, ME! And I was not the one soliciting to commit murder. Very strange?

Whatever Lecomber's motives were, I don't know, I am just giving you the facts as I know them.

Joe Owens