Drop out - Tune in! - AngryWorkersWorld hot autumn/winter plans

Leninists? Maoists? Muppets?

We're back from our tour and want to invite you to come out to Greenford, West-London or a similarly remote corner of the internet to hatch some wicked plans. The ideas we came up with so far move in concentric circles and you can drop in wherever.

Submitted by AngryWorkersWorld on October 12, 2015

• The workplace

Our political focus is the workplace, this is where we face capital directly, this is where people have to work together, if they know each other and each others ‘culture’ or not. We want to see what’s happening and how we can take collective steps with others. Some of us work in ready-meal factories, others of us have lost their jobs recently, so we can find some interesting place to work together. If you need a job, check out our special invite! 

• The area

We've had various little actions (getting money back from scam visa agents and temp agencies) and hope that in the longer-term this can solidify into a solidarity network in our part of town. Our main vehicle will be our newspaper, where we can circulate reports from workplaces and problems outside of work. The newspaper requires quite a bit of work, writing stuff up and distributing it. Feel free to participate. We're discussing the possibility of doing weekly pub-meetings in different areas (Southall, Greenford, Park Royal) to have a chance to meet up with workers after work. In addition there will be a monthly class struggle film screening and discussion event in a local community hall. We hope that through these activities we can build a coordination that can support activities in workplaces and beyond. Check out the first two issues of the paper and let us know what you think:

• The inquiry

We have gathered some material and experience regarding the infrastructure of logistics in West-London (Heathrow airport), the situation of different ‘communities’ (Indian, Polish) and their internal class contradictions, the work organisation in warehouses and food processing plants. We want to debate the stuff more thoroughly, conduct some more in-depth interviews and write it up for other workers and comrades.

• The town

Within the coming month we would like to invite London comrades to a meeting regarding the situation of (EU-) migrant workers. The so-called ‘Polish Strike’ was a gimmick, but an expression of underlying tension. How can we contribute to a multi-national response to police raids, two-tier benefit systems, crappy housing conditions, shit jobs..? Let’s discuss! We're hoping it'll be sometime in December so stay tuned for more details...

• The region

We have two main proposals to comrades outside of London. One is to coordinate activities around and within the warehouse sector, in particular at Amazon. We have good shop-floor reports from, and contacts to, Amazon workers in Poland, Germany and India - to be published soon. We could bring out an international bulletin, which would allow local comrades in the UK to get in touch with Amazon workers here. The second proposal is to set up a bi-annual newspaper focusing on a deeper analysis of current struggles in the UK - for distribution at picket-lines, occupations and to other militant workers. We will write up a more concrete proposal soon, get in touch if you're interested in the proposal. Regarding the amazon project, check out our short letter:

• The wider discussion

We think that each of these steps above depend on and can feed into each other. In order to digest these concrete experiences we think we need a more historical and global reflection. We want to discuss the question of ‘what could be a workers’ international today’ and the relationship between a revolutionary program towards a new society and actual struggles and movements taking place. We want to read and discuss basic texts and write down some ideas in 2016. We translated a text by wildcat comrades, which can serve as a starting point:

We're having a meeting in Greenford on Sunday 25th October to discuss the text, send us a message at [email protected] if you want to join us or jot down your thoughts via email.