During European Football Championship in Poland - avoid Brogans Irish Pub

Maciej Witzberg - first form the left.

Brogans Irish Pub is one of the two pubs which belong to Maciej Witzberg, Polish neofascist who attacked squat Rozbrat last time.

Submitted by Black Adder on June 8, 2012

Everything happened in May. After march of Witold Pilecki, Polish soldier who tried to organize resistance in Auschwitz a group of 20 neofascists attacked squat Rozbrat where public cultural event for children was taking place.

Witzberg was recognized after somebody had taken a photo of him. Witzberg is one of the far-right leaders in Poznań. Both his pubs: Brogans Irish Pub and U Honzika support Polish nationalists and Czech neonazis.

Anarchists called to boycot them.

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