E02.3: Online Dating: Tips And Advice From Two Lefties

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Submitted by Qwoke on June 30, 2019

Question 3 on Episode 2 of Anarcho Agony Aunts (formerly known as #NHS4lefties)

''Straight guy, 29 y/o. As soul-crushing as dating apps are, they feel easier than getting to know people in person and asking for dates there. But I have a real problem with messaging back and forth with potential dates for a little bit, then ceasing to reply. Sometimes it's like I make premature judgements that someone isn't right for me, others it's like I get anxious about not being a good enough catch. Given that I don't match with many women or get many responses from them in the first place, this seems self-sabotaging. I feel lonely and isolated all the time basically, so why am I not more enthused to meet new people? What do you think I can do to regain some enthusiasm and confidence for talking to people? Thanks''

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