E13: Lies Damned Lies and Andy Ngo

12 Rules for What discuss the fake concrete milkshaking of fake journalist Andy Ngo on the 29th of Jun 2019 in Portland Oregon and discuss how antifascists can counter the tactic of disinformation from the far right.

Submitted by 12rulesforwhat on July 12, 2019

At the end of June the 'western chauvinist' far right fraternity the Proud Boys, demonstrated in Portland and antifascists mobilised to oppse them.

Andy Ngo, a 'journalist' who has consistently sided with the far right, was milkshaked by antifascists.

We clear up some of the disinformation surrounding the events, talk about their wider significance, and chat about how antifascists can stop the spread of disinformation and false rumours.

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