Fascism and Big Business - Daniel Guérin

Examines the development of fascism in Germany and Italy and its relationship with the ruling capitalist families there.

Submitted by TomChomsky on December 23, 2017

Fascism and Big Business is a book first written in 1936 by the French historian and libertarian Marxist Daniel Guérin. The book, which was written before the Second World War broke out, examines the development of nazism in Germany and fascism in Italy and its relationship with the capitalist families there. Its main thesis is that Fascism supported the heavy industrial sector (represented in Germany by Krupp, Emil Kirdorf, etc.) to the detriment of lighter industrial sectors, dedicated to building consumer goods. It points out the failure of "corporatism," which in effect meant the dismantling of trade unions and worker's inability to elect their own representatives, who were nominated instead by the fascists.