Fighting Talk 7 (1994)

Issue 7 of Anti-Fascist Action's Fighting Talk magazine.

Submitted by Fozzie on February 1, 2019


  • Waterloo Sunset
  • Let's Get Physical
  • To Ban Or Not To Ban (the case against state bans on fascists)
  • International Solidarity: Building Links
  • Germany Calling: Column by Autonome Antifa (M)
  • Organising Resistance (analysis of tactics used by YRE/ANL etc in South East London)
  • A View From Valhalla (overview of fascist publications)
  • The Good Old Days: The Roots of AFA In Manchester
  • World In Action: Violence With Violence (review of TV programme about anti-fascism)
  • Letters
  • Freedom of Movement (dance music benefits for AFA)
  • Stickers/Merchandise/Contacts