Film on cross-border Amazon workers meeting

Solidarni w walce
Solidarni w walce

We posted a short report and the final statement on the cross-border Amazon workers meeting in mid-September in Poznan. made a film about this meeting.

Submitted by ye on November 1, 2015

The 15-minute film on the cross-border Amazon workers meeting contains several interviews made during the meeting and presentations given at the public event the day before the meeting. It sheds light on the trajectory of the struggle in Amazon warehouses both in Germany and Poland.

While mainstream union hierarchies—and in Germany even the party Die Linke—try to co-opt the struggle and use it for their reformist purposes, the workers found out that linking up across borders on the grassroots level is more functional for the struggle: "Several attempts to organize this through union leaderships - between Poland, France, [Germany] ... - unfortunately, have so far not worked out as they should. We have learned that, if this links up colleagues with colleagues, it is much faster, much better, and much more effective, and that's why we are here."

The film can be download and/or watched on the labournet-tv-website: