Fuck the System - Abbie Hoffman

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A subversive how-to pamphlet, put out by Abbie Hoffman in 1967 under the pseudonym of the "Mad Bomber" George Metesky, mostly containing info on how to obtain free stuff. Much of the pamphlet's contents would later find their way into Hoffman's book Steal This Book, which Hoffman eventually self-published in 1971 after struggling to find a publisher.

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Free Food
Free Clothes
Free Lawyers
Free Flowers
Free Furniture
Free Transportation
Free Phone Calls
Free Money
Free Gas
Free Land
Free Buffalo
Free Medical Help
Emergency Numbers
Free Drugs
Free Security
Free Birth Control Information
Free Information (General)
Free Rent
Free Beaches
Free College
Free Theatre
Free Movies
Free Music
Free Museums
Free Poetry
Free Swimming Pools
Free Pets
Draft Resistance
Free Cars
Clap Section
Cop Section
Dope Tips and Bad Trips