Great Soviet Encyclopedia

Great Soviet Encyclopedia frist edition (65 volumes)

First edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 65 volumes issued between 1926-1947.

Submitted by Noa Rodman on December 18, 2016

The 1920s saw the publication of the first 16 volumes (list by date).

Torrent attached as zip-file. When you launch the torrent, you have the option to select particular volumes for download (in total the size is almost 12 GB).

In case it doesn't work, here's the site where I took it from (requires sign-up): (Second and third edition linked there too)

The volumes are OCR'd, so you can copy-paste texts into an e-translation site.

Volume 4, for example contains such entries as 'Afghanistan', 'Atom', 'Butterfly', 'Bakunin', 'Balance of payments' (written by Dvolajtskij), 'Banknote', 'Barricade'.



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Submitted by adri on March 16, 2020

Lol... didn't download all this but it turns out there's an android app of it also. Here's part of the entry for "anarchism", translated by google

(from Greek. anarchia - anarchy), petty-bourgeois sociopolitical movement, hostile to proletarian scientific socialism. A.'s main idea is to deny all state power and to preach the unlimited freedom of each individual person.

Still neat nonetheless as far as historical texts go, but I think I'll be sticking with Wikipedia...