Hahn, Hermann (1907-1941)

Hermann Hahn
Hermann Hahn

A short biography of the German anarchist building worker Hermann Hahn

Submitted by Battlescarred on April 24, 2018

Born on 23rd January 1907 the Wuppertal construction worker Hermann Hahn was an active member of the anarcho-syndicalist union Freie Arbeiter Union Deutschland.

In March 1937 he was arrested by the Nazis for his solidarity work with Spanish anarchists. He was subsequently judged with one hundred other Rhineland anarchists for “preparations for high treason”. He was sentenced with 10 other anarchists to two and a half years imprisonment at the district court of Wuppertal. Asked if he had anything to say about the accusations, he shouted out “Rubbish”! This infuriated the judge. Hahn was then beaten severely in the court cell and then tortured at Duisberg prison. He appears to have had a mental breakdown as a result of his ill-treatment. He was then interned in the insane asylums of Herford and Munster.

He was subsequently transferred to the notorious clinic of Galkhausen, where he was “euthanised” (shot) on August 13th 1941.

Nick Heath