The Heavy Stuff #4 - Class War

The Heavy Stuff 4 cover
The Heavy Stuff 4 cover

The fourth issue of The Class War Federation’s theoretical journal The Heavy Stuff, probably from 1991, with articles on the poll tax, mutual aid and community care, language and more.

Submitted by wojtek on September 27, 2013


  • Editorial: A new concept in political bullshit
  • Question Marx - John Barr
  • What's on the end of the stick, Mick? - Micky McGuinness
  • Language and power- Warren O'Neill
  • Letters: A response to the article on the middle class in issue 3
  • Question time: poll tax
  • Mutual aid and community care - Dave Franklin
  • Reviews: Blow Out: a voice for the offshore worker, Revolver comic, The Free (novel by M Gililand)
  • Our time has come: invite to Class War international conference, September 1991
  • Join Class War