The Industrial Worker, 1840-1860: The Reaction of American Industrial Society to the Advance of the Industrial Revolution - Norman Ware

industrial worker cover

An early historical account, published in 1924, of American workers' reaction to the development of American industry over the period 1840 to 1860.

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I. The State of the Nation
II. The Immigrant and the Homes of the Poor
III. "The Spirit of the Age"
IV. The Degradation of the Worker
V. The New Power: The Factory Controversy
VI. The New Power: The Dangers of Paternalism
VII. The Degradation of the Operative
VIII. The Ten-Hour Movement: Industrial, 1840-50
IX. The Change of Personnel
X. The Ten-Hour Movement: Political, 1850-60
XI. The Reformers: Associationists
XII. Land Reform
XIII. Cooperation
XIV. The Labor Movement: Defensive, 1840-50
XV. The Labor Movement: Aggressive, 1850-60