Liverpool Hospital demo goes ahead, despite toadying Labour Party lickspittles cancelling it

Around fifty people attended a demonstration against the privatisation of the NHS at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Local Labour party goons had cancelled the demo due to concerns that we would point out that they are just as disgusting as the Conservatives. We did it anyway.

Submitted by working class … on January 27, 2012

Today, members of SolFed and AFed joined up with activists from a variety of groups to protest outside the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, against the privatisation of the NHS.

The demonstration had initially been called by the local Labour party, whohad been expecting Andy Burnham to be in attendance.

They cancelled the demonstration earlier in the week, claiming that after discussion with the police, there had been shared concerns about health and safety. This was of course bullshit. We decided we would be there regardless.

The real motive for the cancellation was the lack of numbers that Labour was expecting. They were worried that people demonstrating against Labour as well as the Conservatives would outnumber Labour members. They then made enquiries about bringing people from Manchester over in order to try and swell their numbers.

Furthermore, they were hoping that the demonstration would be a great publicity and photo opportunity for various local Labour careerist lickspittles. As soon as they realised they would be outnumbered, and that their ‘grandstanding’ and opportunism would be disrupted, they decided to cancel.

Despite the winds, rain, hail storms, and many groups and individuals going along with the cancellation, the turnout was good, especially for a week day. At the busiest point, there must have been around fifty people participating.

We handed out over 800 leaflets to patients, visitors, and staff, most of whom were receptive to what we had to say.

At one point a grinning moron, accompanied by two burly security guards came out to inform us we were trespassing. He was surprised that we had not had the courtesy to seek permission for the demonstration from the chief executive, and asked us to move ten yards onto the pavement.

Following our ten yard move, the local filth came sniffing round to briefly entertain the idea of us obstructing the pavement. They didn’t push the issue any further, and left, leaving two PCSO’s to ensure events didn’t descend into an armed insurgency into the hospital

After around two hours, we decanted to a local public house for well-earned beverages.

this link is a brief film clip of the demonstration