Look forward in anger (film)

Look forward in anger (subtitled in English) is a Romanian film directed by Remus Mărgineanu. The film takes place in Romania after 1989 (the Romanian Revolution).

Submitted by Dennis3434 on April 7, 2013

A shipyard on the banks of the Danube in "the transitional period", uncertain and troubled which confuses, overturns the scale of values not without leaving behind countless victims. Appreciated worker, former dissident which under Ceausescu paid with years in prison for the dissatisfaction manifested, Stephen is laid off precisely because of those exposed by the moment of sincerity of the "revolution". His trade unionist impetus turns into a weapon against him and his family, the worker's solidarity being achieved according to the benefits and pressures of the individual order. The children's spirit of revolt morphs, and in an adventurous spirit, they enter in shady business deals. Therefore Vali, the daughter of Stephen prostitutes in order to be able to pay her university studies, and Viorel, the oldest of his boys goes to jail. But especially the destinty of Nelu, the youngest child, constitutes a warning about the unpredictability of the future: Nelu also falls for easy gains, failing to understand the sudden shift from the effervescence of the "revolutionary" momentum, (in which he participated as a small hero) to the anger, hatred, mess whose witness has become in all circumstances of everyday life.