Fragments of struggle from Palestine: new videos of past Anarchists Against the Wall actions

Since 2002, Israeli anarchists have been joining the Palestinian popular resistance to the wall. These are six new videos of joint demonstrations and direct actions from past years.

Submitted by aatw on January 11, 2007

Saffa, 22.02.2005: Soldiers use extreme violence to disperse farmers from their lands.

Budrus, 22.09.2004: Women defying the army in a demonstration against the wall.

Qalandiya Checkpoint, 18.08.2004: Palestinians, Internationals and Israelis demonstrators challenge the Qalandiya checkpoint, break through and occupy it.

Beit Liqya, 14.04.2004: Extreme military violence at a demonstration against the wall in the village of Beit Liqya where three demonstrators have been shot dead by the army.

Biddu, 07.04.2004: Demonstrators being shot at and teargassed for standing on village’s lands that are to be destroyed by the wall.

Wall dismantled at Zbuba village, 09.11.2003: Palestinians, Israelis and international demonstrators remove 30 meters of the wall in a direct action.