The New Solidarity (May 31, 1919)

The May 31, 1919, No. 29 issue of The New Solidarity, a newspaper produced out of Chicago by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) from 1918-1920.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on July 6, 2016

Contents include:

-James Bruce on trial for strike activity

-Seattle trial starts with usual witnesses for prosecution

-District convention

-Bail urgently needed by Leavenworth men

-Review of conditions in Great Britain by organizer

-Proof being prepared on supposition in union case

-Democracy works well for steel trust

-How different when you know the game

-Official oppression by Milwaukee police

-Tour for organizing domestic workers

-Will they release the convicted I.W.W.

-General Convention completes its sessions


-Dutch soldiers rebel

-The form of organization to join by John Sandgren

-Seattle trials start, funds are needed

-Nonresistance fails to protect workers

-The industrial age by Covington Ami.

-Federal agent arrests James A. Billings

-Gompers and booze

-Los Angeles activity increasing