Nicolov, Ivan, 1900-1925

Ivan Nicolov
Ivan Nicolov

Biographical information about Bulgarian anarchist teacher and orator Ivan Nicolov, murdered by the state police.

Submitted by Steven. on January 19, 2005

One of the most popular speakers and polemicists of the Anarchist Communist Federation, Ivan Nicolov was born in 1900 in Radomir.

He worked as a teacher, and as an orator took part in many public meetings organised by the anarchists throughout Bulgaria. Poor and modest, he always wore an old soldier's cap. He had the endearing habit of keeping newspaper cuttings up his sleeves, which he used to back up his polemics with political opponents, in particular the Communist Party.

He was very popular among peasants and workers. After the Sofia cathedral bombing by the Communist Party, he was arrested and burnt alive in the furnace of the National Security (equivalent of CID) in April 1925 by the military dictatorship.

Nick Heath
From Organise! by the Anarchist Federation