Open Vistas Vol. 1, No. 4-5 (November 1925)

The November 1925 issue of Open Vistas, a magazine that published poetry and reviews, as well as essays reflecting the editors' anarchist politics.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on July 5, 2015


-Oriole by Rose Florence Freeman

-Great imagination and political life by Castelar

-Serrata by Israel Newman

-A faddist's diversions by Henry S. Salt

-"How lovely and fresh those roses were?" by Ivan Turgenev

-In Hell by Havelock Ellis

-A brave Parisian lad by Gustave Brocher

-The drama of life and death by Hippolyte Havel

-The stranger by Joseph Ishill

-Forerunners by Marguerite Tracy

-"The life of Olive Schreiner" by Rose Florence Freeman

-Excerpts from Castelar, Francisco Ferrer, A.E. Housman and Vasile Conta