The Organizer # 18

August 2009 PDF of the Twin Cities IWW branch's newsletter.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on November 6, 2011

One Day in July Festival a Success
A description of the celebration and rememberenace of the 1934 Teamster's strike in Minneapolis.
Page 1

Editorial staff addition John O’Reilly details recent changes to the functioning of The Organizer.
Page 2

Always Low Wages
A dual-card Wobbly gives perspective on UFCW union organizing at Wal- Mart.
Page 3

AT&T Workers Still Without Contract
An AT&T worker gives an update from the inside on negotiations between the telecom giant and CWA.
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What Next?
A Wobbly comments on shortcomings of “typical” activist organizations and poses questions for future organizing.
Page 4

Organizing Tips
Anxious to start firing your boss? Get tips from Wobblies organizing in their work places.
Part 4