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Not related to education but I felt compelled to get this off my chest.

Submitted by Croy on January 17, 2012

So it looks like the police/council have taken advantage of the police reform and social responsibility bill and have started evicting 10 year protst veterans from parliament square and the surrounding area. This made me absolutely furious. Firstly, their cause is still relevant and the fact they have been there 10 years is testament to that. What harm are they doing ? Secondly, these actions even don't bother to entertain the watered down liberal notion of free speech. The police claim that they are stopping a historic site from being used by the public etc. So why the fuck is there a fence all around the grass that your not allowed to walk on. And last time I checked, this kind of protest and occupation is the very definition of public use. I know the Occupy movement has many flaws but I seriously think occupying parliament square would be a really good symbolic thing to do. Some people are attempting to justify it in terms of it being an eyesore. What I find more of an eyesaw, instead of this demonstration of humanity, is the momunment to monarchy and liberal "democracy" called the House of Commons.



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Submitted by Spikymike on January 17, 2012

Really - 10 years! so nothing to do with the recent wave of occupations then. I mean what was 'their' cause? Whatever it was I'm not sure it was going to be achieved by camping out all that time. They could stay there as long as they like as far as I'm concerned though I'm not suprised they have eventually been turfed out by the pigs now that they are no longer a 'unique' tourist attraction.