Pizza Hut day of action in Liverpool

Liverpool Solidarity Federation picketed two Pizza Hut branches in solidarity with the IWW day of action.

Submitted by working class … on February 4, 2012

This afternoon members of Liverpool Solidarity Federation picketed outside two Pizza Hut restaurants in Liverpool.

This was part of a nationwide solidarity action with Pizza Hut workers in Sheffield who are part of the IWW. The day of action is part of an on-going dispute with management over pay, conditions, and union recognition.

The first restaurant we visited was in the Liverpool One shopping centre. We were quickly eyeballed by a PCSO who alerted the shopping centre security. They sent two members of staff who then asked us to leave.

After a brief discussion we moved on to another branch, which is on a shopping street where we would not be bothered by security.

We handed out hundreds of leaflets, and have some good conversations with passers-by.

We were accosted by a manager on her way home. She asked us if we are proud of ourselves, as due to our protest, no customers were coming in, and she had to send staff home due to lack of business. She went on to mention something about ‘food’ and ‘mouths’, but I could not fully hear her. She then sped off in her car.

All in all in was a successful day.