Poland: 21 people arrested during actions against European Economic Congresss

Repressions during Anti-Congress in Poland.

Submitted by Black Adder on April 20, 2015

Yesterday European Economic Congress took place and local anarchist groups organized demonstrations. About 250 people marched across the city under "protection" of more than 1000 police officers. During the demonstration people were provoked by the officers but nothing serious hasn't happen.

Today at 4 a.m. both prevention and antiterrorist police attacked a building which was squatted after the demonstration. Policed used stun grenades and one person got epileptic seizure. 21 people were beaten and arrested.

As far as it was said by organizers of Anti-Congress, police spread fake information both in media and in the Internet. People who were arrested began hunger strike.


Black Adder

9 years 1 month ago

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Submitted by Black Adder on April 20, 2015

UPDATE! Three arrested people were taken to hospital.