Politics (October 1945)

Submitted by Ross Arctor on October 22, 2014

Cover (p. 289)
Here's ONE thing we can do! An appeal to the readers of "politics" (p. 289)
Seldon, Edward. War as an institution (6). Military society (pp. 290-293)
Tucci, Nicholas. Commonnonsense (pp. 293-294)
The soldier reports (pp. 294-295)
Woodcock, George. Conscientious objection in England (pp. 296-297)
Jackson, J. Hampden. Ancestors (1). Proudhon (pp. 297-299)
Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph. "The general idea of the revolution in the 19th century" (pp. 299-304)
500 Red Army men, a first-hand report (pp. 304-305)
Macdonald, Nancy. Popular Culture. Are hospitals made ​​for people or vice versa? (pp. 306-308)
Jones, Jack. Popular Culture. Yaltarian cultures (pp. 308-309)
Macdonald, Dwight. Popular Culture. Memo to Mr. Luce (pp. 309-311)
Constas, Helen. Books. The dynamics of culture change; an inquiry into race relations in Africa (pages. 311-312)
Fulton, Vera. Books. The problem teacher (pp. 312-313)
Mills, C. Wright; Salter, Patricia J .. The barricade and the bedroom; with a reply by Paul Goodman (pp. 313-316)
The intelligence office. In defense of Patton-Halsey; with a reply by D. Macdonald (p. 317)
Orloff, Herbert. The intelligence office. Atomic fission and revolution (pp. 317-318)
Greenberg, Clement. The intelligence office. Blurb (p. 318)
Modlin, Jules. The intelligence office. Jazz oversimplified ?; with a reply by Arthur Steig (pp. 318-319)
Comment (pp. 319-320)
Stevens, CJ. Government of, by and for (p. 320)
Contributors (p. 313)
Here is what YOU can do: - (p. 320)