Politics (November 1945)

Submitted by Ross Arctor on October 22, 2014

Cover (p. 321)
Weil, Simone. The Iliad or, the poem of force (pp. 321-331)
Ricardo. imperialism Labor - 2 reports from Britain. (1) The Bank of England is socialized (pp. 331-332)
Hasseck, Martin. imperialism Labor - 2 reports from Britain. (2) The dock strike (pp. 332-333)
Tucci, Nicholas. The friend of the Jews (p. 333)
Oakes, Walter J .. The national scene (pp. 333-334)
Caffi, Andrea (European). automatization of The european people (pp. 335-337)
French, Martin (Gallicus). Terror in the air: a critique of the Anglo-American bombing policy (pp. 338-342)
Individual responsability - some recent actions CO (pp. 342-344)
Glazer, Nathan. Books. The psychological frontiers of society (pp. 344-345)
Jaffe, Jacob H .. Books. The Jehovah's witnesses (pp. 345-346)
Babbitt, Milton B .. Battle cry (p. 346)
Seldon, Edward. resistance The poetry of Aragon and Eluard (pp. 347-349)
The intelligence office. Decadence of the world workingclass (p. 349)
Comment (pp. 349-351)
Contributors (p. 349)