Politics (March 1946)

Submitted by Ross Arctor on June 2, 2017

Cover (pag. 65)
Comment (pagg. 65-69)
Weil, Simone. War as an institution (7). Words and war (pagg. 69-73)
Woodcock, George. London letter (pagg. 74-76)
Tucci, Niccolò. Commonnonsense (pagg. 76-77)
Rodman, Selden. Exit, pursued by a bear (pag. 77)
Macdonald, Dwight. Rebellion or reconversion? (pagg. 77-78)
Spratt, Philip. Marxism and ethics (pagg. 79-84)
Jones, Jack. The mad king (pagg. 85-86)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "Laissez-faire, planning and ethics" (pagg. 86-87)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "Is Gunnar Myrdal on the right track" (pag. 87)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "On contemporary nihilism" (pagg. 87-88)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "Battle and other combatant casualities in the second world war" (pag. 88)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "Sociological elements in Veblen's theory" (pag. 88)
Redman, Ben Ray. Books. Animal farm: a fairy story (pagg. 88-89)
Farrell, James T.. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 89-93)
The intelligence office (pagg. 93-95)
Committee of the POUM in France. The intelligence office. An appeal for aid and solidarity (pagg. 93-94)
Politicking (pagg. 95-96)
Contributors (pag. 95)