George Woodcock

The Anarchist Reader - George Woodcock

George Woodcock's collection of writings on anarchism from a range of thinkers, including Peter Kropotkin, Max Stirner and Oscar Wilde.

The Crystal Spirit: A Study of George Orwell - George Woodcock

A study/biography of George Orwell by George Woodcock, anarchist friend of Orwell.

Socialism from Below: A History of Anarchism Audiobook

An audio book of George Woodcocks pamphlet on the history of Anarchism.

Socialism from Below: A History of Anarchism

A short history of Anarchism both as a philosophy and as a movement, written during World War II.

The Tyranny of the Clock

A reading of George Woodcock's 1944 essay the Tyranny of the Clock.

1848 The Year of Revolutions- George Woodcock

George Woodcock charts the events of the revolutionary wave that swept Europe in 1848. Assessing their political characters, their accomplishments and defeats.