Politics (August 1946)

Submitted by Ross Arctor on June 3, 2017

Cover (pag. 217)
Macdonald, Dwight. The story of Cyprus (with notes on Labor imperialism in Greece, Egypt and Palestine) (pagg. 217-225)
Harnett, Edward. The diary of the indoctrination commentator (pagg. 225-226)
Hasseck, Martin. English letter: Bevin at Bournemouth (pagg. 226-227)
Laurat, Lucien. Why european socialists look to America (pagg. 228-229)
Tucci, Niccolò. The streetcar is man (pagg. 229-230)
Bendiner, Burton. Labor's managerial ambitions (pagg. 230-231)
Woodcock, George. The english community movement (pagg. 231-233)
Ciliga, Anton. A talk with Lenin in Stalin's prison (pagg. 234-241)
Hirsch, Helmut. What is Roosevelt College? (pagg. 241-242)
McKenzie, Dorothy. Popular Culture. The time the Lady Writer imagined me (pagg. 242-244)
Atomic bombs, Union made - some letters with a comment by the Editor (pagg. 245-247)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Report on the negro soldier" (pagg. 247-248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "The new russian imperialism - its economic policy and aims in the occupied countries" (pag. 248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "The Jewish delicatessen: the evolution of an institution" (pag. 248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "The conservative South, a political myth" (pag. 248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Literature as an institution" (pagg. 248-249)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Attitudes towards Soviet Russia"; "Favorable and unfavorable attitudes toward certain enemy and allied countries" (pag. 249)
Subotsky, Milton. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 249-250)
Marquart, Frank. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 251-253)
Knight, Damon. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 253-254)
(Dely X). The intelligence office. Letter from Austria (pag. 254)
Demaziere, Albert. The intelligence office. The Blasco murder (pagg. 254-255)
The intelligence office (pag. 255)
Contributors (pag. 256)