Politics (May 1946)

Submitted by Ross Arctor on June 3, 2017

Cover (pag. 137)
Whither "politics"? With a reply by the Editor (pagg. 138-142)
A. B. C.. The communists and the national question (pagg. 142-144)
Berger, Morroe. Invitation to violence, a note on british policy in Palestine (pagg. 144-145)
Goldwater, Ethel. The independent woman: a new course (pagg. 145-149)
Dwight Culler, A.. Man - piltdown to Fermi (pagg. 149-150)
Korsch, Karl. A non-dogmatic approach to marxism (pagg. 151-154)
Woodcock, George. London letter (pagg. 154-155)
Ash, Julian. Germany 1946, some impressions (pagg. 156-158)
The department of antiagriculture: letters to and from bureaucracy (pagg. 158-160)
Tolstoy, Leo. Ancestors (3). Tolstoy. Modern science (pagg. 161-164)
Tolstoy, Leo. Ancestors (3). Tolstoy. Stop and think! (pagg. 164-167)
Barbarow, George. Popular Culture. Do we need Hollywood? (pagg. 167-168)
Chiaromonte, Nicola. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 168-170)
Farrell, James T.. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pag. 170)
Macdonald, Dwight. Fourth report on packages abroad (pagg. 171-174)
Macdonald, Dwight. The intelligence office. Whitewashing the catholic church - an exchange of letters with the N. Y. Times (pagg. 174-175)
Dubitsky, Aron. The intelligence office. Reply to Helen Constas (pag. 175)
Politicking (pag. 176)
Contributors (pag. 176)
The picture on the cover (pag. 174)