Precarious chemical workers strike in Iran

Over 300 precarious chemical workers have walked off the job at the Fajir petrochemical plant in Iran. They are protesting against a lack of job security, unpaid salaries of up to 22 months, broken promises on pay rises and permanent contracts, and health and safety issues.

Submitted by working class … on January 1, 2013

Abbas Rezai, a local union activist reports that:

"300 contract workers of Rampco working at the Fajr Petrochemical Factory have gone on strike to protest their precarious situation and management's refusal to provide the benefits that had been promised earlier. There is very little hope of resolving the dispute in view of the fact that the workers previously have gone on similar strikes without any results.”

The workers are expecting that there will be the imminent loss of around 700 jobs - which is then expected to have a devastating effect on the local community.

The closure of factories and large numbers of redundancies are widespread in Iran – since the Ahmadinejad government has reduced its subsidy program. This has then been further exacerbated by international sanctions, which ordinary Iranians then have to suffer.