Proletariat is rising: 1.2 million in the streets against El Khomri Law in France

1.2 million people (workers and students) in the streets against the proposed El Khomri Law.

Submitted by hamid.moradei on April 2, 2016

Under pouring rain gathered more than a million protesters Thursday, March 31 in France. An exceptional mobilization of students, high school students and workers against the government's plans to reform the labor law, known as El-Khomri- law ( coined after Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri); a large protest action with much higher number of participants than the previous demonstrations. Further strikes and protests again if the government (state-political power) do not react!

The reason for the demonstrations was a labor market reform that will make it easier for companies operating in France for laying off workers.

"It's not just the demonstrating but also the strikes indicating that workers, the unemployed, students and high-school students are all opposed to anything that will change the kind of working conditions and the kind of labour laws that France has known for decades.";

Proletariat is raising

The proletariat: working class in France is trying to stand up, in a place that become the epicenter of Islamist warfare, mass terror and-murder in Paris (November 13, 2015 ...), combined with increased militarization and strategic control and surveillance of the population and communities for last past years of.

And the state / system (government) continues implementing its pre elaborated plans against workers' living and- working conditions / standards: Attacks against labor law (so-called labor market reform).

In the context of a generalized Middle East war and refugee-immigration crisis, the capitalist system/s try to survive their socio-economic failure on worldwide scale; already stagnant economic development in the form of declining or negligible global GDP measurements, high and permanent unemployment rate, particularly among young people, combined with the immigrant labor (mass refugee / immigration) issues.

To increase productivity and profitability, the capitalist system organizes, as a whole, all its political-ideological forces in or around the state-capital structural composition to create conditions for introducing labor reform programs, for more streamlined and cheapened labor power cost: intervening in the process of labor power algorithms for increasing productivity and competitiveness. However, the ruling elites, encourage this generic approach all over the world, and states machineries ( including governments) are obliged to implement these harsh tasks to societies and introduce them by force if ncessary.

The dominating objective perspectives in the minds of the political elites and the ruling classes take the form in globalization program, on how and why, i.e., the minimum wage law, labour rights ..., needs to be part of social contract for dealing with the current socio-economic crisis.

Despite the common negativity built in the union's role for the perspective in class struggles of the workers, such tools are initially used by workers to prove their dormant will for struggle and their dissatisfaction with existing work-capital relationships; the eternal antagonism that exists in the system of capital-work-based social hierarchy. Rationally, the proletarian struggles/wars are inevitable.

Hamid Moradei
April 2 2016