Protesters vow to make Cape Town “ungovernable”

Protesters have occupied a highway in Cape Town and clashed with security forces during a protest against a lack of government services and substandard housing. Protesters have been campaigning for improvements for nearly twenty years, and have had enough. They have vowed to make Cape Town "ungovernable" unless their demands are met.

Submitted by working class … on August 10, 2012

This afternoon - security forces in Cape Town have managed to regain control of the important N2 highway back from protestors after 9 hours of serious disturbance.

More than 500 people started gathering at 4am this morning to protest against the quality of public services that the local area receives.

Protesters blocked the highway and created barricades of burning tyres. As the police arrived, they were bombarded with stones and petrol bombs. The police responded with water cannons, stun grenades, and rubber bullets. As the protest came to an end, 62 people had been arrested.

Many local residents have been living in the local area in atrocious condition, and waiting for adequate housing since 1993.Yet despite numerous campaigns, petitions, and protests, the government refuse to allocate any money to redevelop the area.

The Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia De Lille, has blamed the Youth League of the ANC for the violence. She claims it is,

“Not possible to interact with the local community because of interference from the youth league. “

The Youth League Chairman, Dullah Omar, has said that:

“We will stage more protests, marches, sit-ins, and make Cape Town ungovernable, if the Mayor does not respond to the memorandum”.