Radical America #09.04-5: Alternative education project, July-Aug. 1975

Submitted by Reddebrek on July 12, 2013

Constituent articles:

- Fighting on two fronts working-class militancy in the 1940's (Green, James)
- Defending the no-strike pledge CIO politics during World War II (Lichtenstein, Nelson)
- Wildcat! The wartime strike wave in auto (Jennings, Ed)
- Epilogue (Glaberman, Martin)
- Rosie the Riveter myths and realities (Quick, Paddy)
- Working women and the War four narratives
- Shipyard diary of a woman welder (Clawson, Augusta)
- Women in the shipyard (Archibald, Katherine)
- Two episodes (Sonnenberg, Mary)
- Post-war consumer boycotts (Stein, Anne)
- American labor on the defensive a 1940's Odyssey (Weir, Stan)
- The end of corporate liberalism class struggle in the electrical manufacturing industry, 1933-1950 (Schatz, Ronald)
- Working-class history in the 1940's a bibliographical essay (Green, James)