The rebel girl: an autobiography, my first life 1906-26

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn addresses strikers in Paterson, 1913
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn addresses strikers in Paterson, 1913

An epic firsthand account of women and the working class in the early years of the 20th century by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. The fiery socialist and Industrial Workers of the World union organiser writes vividly of her early life.

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Readers should be aware that this text was written after Flynn joined the Communist Party later in life and her politics shifted accordingly. So we agree more with the political perspective of Flynn in this early part of her life, which she had partly turned against by the time of writing.



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Even though her politics went poopy (or maybe always were), I recall her saying * that one anarchist pamphlet, above all, which influenced her to her dying days was Kropokin's "Appeal to the Young"

I've seen at least one other person with her politics also say that this was a pamphlet which stuck with them as well ....

* * "There is a new role and a new outlook for youth today. One of the pamphlets that I read years ago, I don't know if any of you have ever heard of it, is Peter Kropotkin's Appeal to the Young and it was a beautiful appeal to the young to carry forward their responsibility to make this world a better world to live in." ( )