Rebellion: Made up of Dreams and Dynamite

Rebellion #1.07 cover
Rebellion #1.07 cover

Socialist periodical published by Covington Hall, a proponent of "industrial democracy", in New Orleans from 1916-1917.

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Rebellion: Made up of Dreams and Dynamite was a socialist periodical edited and published by Covington Hall which lasted from 1916-1917 (according to the University of Washington's IWW History Project), and appears to have only lasted 1 volume. It is one of the few socialist periodicals to come out of the American South and Southeast during this era, a region which proved especially difficult to unionize. In Louisiana, the strongest inroads were made within the lumber industry, with other trades remaining very difficult to penetrate.

Covington Hall (who sometimes wrote under the pen name "Covami", though not for Rebellion) was a journalist, labor organizer, I.W.W. member, songwriter, and poet who was active in labor struggles in the American South and beyond over the course of his lifetime (1871-1951). Notably, Hall also contributed to at least one edition of The Little Red Songbook, a collection of Wobbly songs which the I.W.W. published sporadically throughout the 20th century.

Hall also sprinkled his poetry throughout Rebellion, notably in Volume 1 Issue 12, which is composed of his poetry almost exclusively.