Report on the SI's Theater of Operations - Attila Kotányi

A very short text from Internationale Situationniste #5 (December 1960).

Submitted by Fozzie on January 20, 2023

I should point out that what I'm about to read has already largely been discussed within the SI, and therefore that it has lost a good deal of its interest. Please excuse me for this. I'll confine myself to three proposals for "situating" the Situationist International itself within all other artistic and political problems.

Fundamentally, I ask that we consider:

a) the SI as a materially equipped encounter (which is also a passion and a denunciation), with the accent on "materially equipped";

b) that the preparatory stage for basic equipment (a stage that could be described as pre-situationist or pre-artistic, etc.) is controlled by capitalist automatism;

c) that this basic equipment is the implementation of situationist possibility.

Translated by Reuben Keehan. From: