Revolutionary pamphlets - Peter Kropotkin

A selection of PDF pamphlets by Russian anarchist former Prince, Peter Kropotkin.

Submitted by working class … on August 25, 2012

Kropotkin grew up in the midst of the struggle between the peasants and workers and the government. He was born a prince of the old nobility of Moscow, was trained as a page in the Emperor's court, and at twenty became an officer in the army. The discovery that he was engaged in revolutionary activities in St. Petersburg while he was presumably devoting his life to scientific geography, caused a sensation. He was arrested and held in prison without trial. He became at once one of the most hated and most beloved representatives of the revolutionary cause. Contents: The Significance of Kropotkin's Life and Teaching; The Story of Kropotkin's Life; Note on the Editing of the Pamphlets; The Spirit of Revolt; Anarchist Communism: Its Basis and Principles; Anarchist Morality; Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Ideal; Modern Science and Anarchism; Law and Authority; Prisons and Their Moral Influence on Prisoners; Revolutionary Government; The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Government; An Appeal to the Young; Anarchism-Encyclopedia Britannica Article; and Partial Bibliography of Kropotkin's Revolutionary, Historical and Sociological Writings.