Scottish Anarchist #3 1995

Third and probably final issue of Scottish Anarchist circa 1995.

PDF courtesy of the comrades at Sparrows Nest archive, Nottingham.

Submitted by Fozzie on September 2, 2021


  • Editorial
  • Braveheart - Iain MacSaorsa
  • Hands Off Our Water!
  • Not One Redundancy!
  • Glasgow Anarchist Black Cross
  • This could be A.C.E.
  • Anarchist in Dundee
  • The Black and Red Club
  • Arbeit McFry!
  • Returning Solidarity to Tuzla Miners
  • Pornography and the Sex Industry
  • What's Right With McDonalds?
  • Industry vs Labour
  • International Socialist Ecology Network
  • So you wanna be an Anarcho-Feminist?
  • Scotland and Capitalism
  • William Blake - Poet and Anarchist
  • Anarchist alternatives to state education
  • Land and Freedom
  • Letters
  • Open Eye magazine
  • Viva Tahiti?


Welcome to issue 3 of Scottish Anarchist!

Inside this issue you will find the usual mix of articles, covering a wide range of subjects. With the success of Braveheart, we subject the film and the issues it raises on nationalism to an anarchist analysis. We are sure Alex Salmond will disagree! Following on from last issue’s article on the globalisation of capitalism, we reprint a Noam Chomsky article on the current war being waged upon our class. The development of a “third world at home”, with little islands of elite privilege amidst the general decay, is the natural result of globalisation. The attack on labour is just one part of this process.

In addition, we have two articles on that icon of moderncapitalism, McDonald’ s. The first is an update on what is happening in the McLibel trial, which has reached the issue of workers rights. This nicely flows into the second article, the experiences of someone who had the misfortune to be under the Golden Arches. As capitalism expands and develops, the McDonald’s mode of production has become more and more widespread, so other workers beware! A service industry Industrial Union could be a small step in slowing down this process, as it would in any industry. Hopefully anarchists will be at the forefront in organising the unorganised. There is a lot of potential out there if we can get our act together.

Anarcha-feminism is also highlighted in two important articles this issue. One. a new critique of pornography, places porn into its social context, something which is often ignored in the usual debates on the subject. The other calls upon anarchist women to reclaim their politics, history and their rightful place in the anarchist movement, by their own efforts. These articles are likely to generate discussion within and outwith the movement.

Finally, with the release of Land and Freedom, we anarchists are reminded of the passion ofthe Spanish Revolution and of our ideas, plus the aims of our activity. In these dark times, it's good to see one of the brightest moments of the labour movement brought to passionate life on the big screen. Hopefully it will inspire us all to struggle that bit harder and make the few sparks of freedom and revolt around today that hit stronger, maybe strong enough to slarl a fire which will sweep the world. Who knows? The future can be influenced by our actions.

the editorial collective

“History tells us that every oppressed class gained liberation from its masters through its own efforts"
Emma Goldman